Montessori Children's House of Durham

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The inclusion of art, music, Spanish, and physical education is an important part of our tailored curriculum.

ART: Students from kindergarten through grade six enjoy formal art lessons that use a variety of materials to cover a broad range of fundamental skills and techniques, as well as the study of individual artists.

SPANISH: MCHD offers lessons in Spanish language beginning in first grade. Interactive lessons build basic vocabulary, and students focus on conversational Spanish and cultural awareness in lessons.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Our curriculum includes daily outdoor play, as well as a weekly program for physical education for grades K-6. Kindergartners learn to spread their wings in movement or yoga classes, and Elementary students engage in a rotation of sports and activities that encourage cooperation, inclusion and healthy competition against oneself. 

MUSIC: Music is incorporated in the classroom daily.  Elementary children have access to keyboards, recorders, drums, and xylophones, among other instruments.  They also receive direct weekly instruction in the fundamentals of rhythm, music theory, reading music, and specific instrument lessons.  Additional instruction in drums, piano, and ukulele is available after school through the Enrichment program.

READING: Our reading specialist works with all children K-6 in assessing reading progress, selecting “just right” and “challenging” books and goals for reading, and identifying and addressing any areas of need.