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Replacement Program

When families enroll at MCHD, they sign a Tuition Agreement that represents a contract to pay tuition for the entire year, even if the child is unable to attend school for any reason. Because we know that life has a way of bringing unexpected circumstances, such as a job offer in another state, we offer a Replacement Program to assist families in these situations.

At any time during the school year, a parent may request that the school try to find a suitable student to replace their child's Tuition Agreement. To participate in this Replacement Program and initiate the search for a new student, a parent must submit a formal application and a $550 Replacement Fee. The Replacement Fee offsets the costs associated with the school’s efforts to find a new student to replace the departing student. All admission and enrollment decisions for the new student will follow MCHD's normal procedures. MCHD and Little House After School have separate replacement programs. A fee of $150 is required to replace a Little House After School contract.

Until a Tuition Agreement is replaced, parents are obligated to continue to pay tuition on the normal payment schedule. Replacement occurs when the school receives a signed tuition contract for a newly enrolled student at the same program level after that level is full. If a replacement is found, the parents will no longer be obligated for tuition in excess of the amount due as prorated to the school year remaining when the new student begins. If a tuition refund is due to the parents, it will be forwarded when replacement occurs.