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New Student Orientation at School Plus!
In the tradition of Montessori education, we believe in preparation of the child for new experiences and tasks. For those new children enrolled in after-school care, we invite them to a separate orientation at School Plus!, but wait until the end of their first week of orientation at school, so as not to introduce too many new things at once. (see New Student Orientation)

On the Friday of that week (Orientation Week One), School Plus! briefly opens its doors to all newly enrolled SP! Early Childhood children and their parents, from 10:15am – 11:00am (directly after class at MCHD). We invite parents to meet their children and the SP! Instructors on the Early Childhood playground so that the child may experience the first trip from MCHD to SP! after school with a parent in hand. Upon arrival at School Plus!, parent and child will be able to tour the rooms, and get acquainted with the daily routine and their child’s instructors. During this time, the SP! Director and Instructors will be available for questions.

New students who are not enrolled in after-school care throughout the year may want to utilize other SP! services such as No-School Camp, Drop In Care, and/or Enrichments. If you would like to schedule a parent/child tour prior to attendance in any After School program, please call the After School office at (919) 489-9045.

No-School Camp during Orientation Week Two
During Orientation Week One, School Plus! is closed to make the transition between summer camp and the regular school year. School Plus! offers new and returning students a variety of optional schedules for Orientation Week Two that supports the MCHD Orientation schedule. See Orientation Schedule for more specific details.