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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for After School Care?
By signing a Tuition Agreement for After School (AS). This is in addition to your Tuition Agreement for MCHD.

Is my child guaranteed a space in the After School Care program when I return my Tuition Agreement for MCHD?
Yes, as long as you return a signed contract for After School Care by the deadline, April 1st.

What if I won’t know until after April 1 that I will need care for after school?
Contracts submitted after April 1st will still be accepted, subject to available space. We will let you know by July 1st if we cannot honor your contract if turned in after April 1st. The Director of the After School program can let you know whether spaces remain in the program.

Can I sign up for less than five days a week?
After School offers two options for after-school care: Full-time (MTWTHF), or Part-time (MWF or TTH). All AS contracts, part-time or full-time, received by 3:30pm, April 1st, will be honored. After that date, while we will prioritize with full-time contracts to fill remaining spaces, we will make an effort to honor part-time contracts by matching them with the appropriate alternate part-time contract (a MWF will be matched with a TTH contract).     

Can my newly enrolled child and I visit After School for an orientation?
Yes. On Friday of Orientation Week One (see School Calendar, or New Student Orientation), After School conducts its own orientation for all newly enrolled After School Preschool children and parents from 10:15am – 11:00am (directly after class time at MCHD). We invite parents to meet their children and the After School Instructors on the Early Childhood playground so that the child may experience the first trip from MCHD to After School with a parent in hand. Upon arrival at After School, parent and child will be able to tour the rooms, and get acquainted with the daily routine and their child’s instructors.

For new students who are not enrolled in regular after-school care throughout the year, but who may want to utilize other School Plus! services such as No School Camps, Drop In Care, and/or Enrichments, we will schedule one or two visitation days for a parent/child tour early in the fall, so your child will feel comfortable as an occasional visitor to After School.

What is Drop In Care?
Any MCHD student may use Drop In Care, space permitting, if they only need care at After School from time to time. Drop In Care must be scheduled at least 15 minutes or more in advance. Special package rates for Drop In Care are available for Enrichment students not enrolled in the After School program. This option provides an escort from MCHD to After School at the end of the school day and care before and/or after the Enrichment class.

Can my child come to After School on Teacher Workdays, even if we aren’t enrolled in After School Care?
Yes. After School offers No School Camp on Teacher Workdays, Parent-Teacher Conference days, Orientation Week Two, and Winter and Spring Breaks for all MCHD children ages 3 to 12. These camp days are bustling with group and individual activities, indoor and outdoor play, and lunch and snack time.
Parents can sign up for No School Camp one day at a time, or for the whole semester. There are several schedule options for these camp days. Camps are staffed by regular After School instructors.

Does After School offer No School Camp during Orientation Weeks?
After School will be closed Orientation Week One to transition between summer camp and the regular school year.  During Orientation Week Two, if your child is three or four years old, they may come to No School Camp only if they are enrolled for regular After School Care for the academic year. We recommend that these new Early Childhood students attend Camp this week if possible to familiarize themselves with the environment, schedules, and their AS instructors.

All new Kindergarten and/or Elementary students and all returning students may come to After School during Orientation Week Two, even if you have not signed an after-school contract.